• We will negotiate the best rates.

  • We will complete all paperwork efficiently.

  • We will work with your desired routes and needs.

  • We will work to get you home on schedule.

  • We will provide you with the best customer service.

  • We will save you time and money on office work.

  • We are committed to providing you with the best dispatch service in the industry.

Our Commitment to You

Our Services


We pride ourselves on providing you with the best dispatch support 24/7.  You will have a dedicated dispatcher and the support of our after hours dispatch team 24 hours a day.


Let us complete the paperwork while you focus on driving.  We complete rate confirmations, bill of ladings, contracts, forms, and broker/shipper setup packets. We will send and receive documents while you what you do best - drive.

Load Planning

We will locate freight and book loads that best match your carrier/truck profile.  We work to minimize your empty miles.

Freight Rate Negotiations

When we contact brokers and shippers about available loads, we work to negotiation the top rate to maximize your pay.  We will use our industry leading market research in order to negotiate the best rates.  If you request, we will ask for quick pay and accessorials.

Invoicing and Billing Follow-up

We can send invoices upon delivery and receipt of paperwork from the driver. 

Check Calls

We can gather check call information via phone, text, or email and make the check calls to the broker for your driver.

Schedule Appointments

We can call to schedule pickup and delivery appointments if necessary.


We will scan the weather to check for major weather incidents and report to your driver.*


Traffic and road closures can cause major delays on your route.  We will scan traffic for closures and major delays in order to report conditions to the driver.  If a driver needs directions, rest area locations, or truck stop locations, we are only a phone call away.*

Breakdown Support

We understand a breakdown and having to call for roadside assistance can be the source of frustration.  Let us relieve some of your stress.  We can call your designated roadside support company or check for the best service in the area.

*We cannot guarantee weather and traffic notices as conditions change on a regular basis.  We try our best to monitor conditions, but we are not liable for the lack of any notifications.  We are not liable for the delay of any freight/delivery/truck/trailer/driver due to any conditions. **Damages/Overages/Shortages should be reported on BOL.

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